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We just had him out. He was wonderful with our horses. 

Sean thank you for coming to care for my horses....your so kind and caring and i recommend you as the best equine dentist.....
Not only would I like to thank you for how you were with my horse yesterday, I also need to thank you for talking the kids through everything that you did. They loved you, hence the round of applause afterwards. I had to calm mine down afterwards as they were so excited about all they learned from you (and mine were the teenagers). Thank you so much Sean! You are a special human, not many people give that much time to my foster kids. 
See you next year!
This is my first time meeting Sean, and I must say I have NEVER been so happy with a dentist!! Thank you!!!
He did an Awesome Job Today and worked hard. All Seasons Stables wants to Thank You ...... and we missed you Rachael McCarthy 
He is really a good dentist. He has done all of my horses, donkeys and even my little dwarf miniature horses.

Sean, WeeWee is NOT PACKING!!!! and Pugs is not slobbering!!! Yeah I am so happy and they seem much happier! We really need pictures of you doing them because that was no easy task.

All my guys say thank you!! Pugs and WeeWee ate good tonight!!
Sean just left my farm. I am so happy I found you. Thank you for coming all the way down here and taking such good care of Pugs and WeeWee! I will keep you up dated on how they are doing. All the other horses said thank you too!
My mare is alot happier with a bit since youve seen her thanks a million!

Thank you Sean and Rachel!! We had a great weekend! Thanks for taking the extra time to talk to our 4H kids and to each owner on their horses!
Thank you Sean for the task of starting to fix my Gypsy's teeth. You were so patient with her, and tolerant of her TB mare-ness! She is doing terrifically today and we look forward to your return visit.

C. M.
Battle, Annie, Buster, Dusty, Thunder, and Sissy all had their teeth done tonite. Sean McCarthy of McCarthy Equine Dentistry did an absolutely amazing job! I have finally found a dentist that believes in the kind approach with gentle reassuring! Sean is wonderful with horses. He takes his time and makes sure the horse is comfortable and works WITH them instead of AGAINST them. He allows you to take part in feeling in the horses mouth before and after the float, explaining what he did and why. He is extremely nice and willing to answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for a GREAT equine dentist, please contact Sean or Rachel McCarthy to set up an appt. Routine floats are $65. He travels from NJ to FL. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SEAN!! 

MR. SEAN MCCARTHY ROCKS!!!!! Thank You for taking care of my Justin as I do. And for showing me what you do, how you do it, and for what reason. I understand so much more now. WE ARE IN LOVE MCCARTHY EQUINE DENTISTRY!! XOXO
Gotta tell ya - Sean McCarthy at McCarthy Equine Dentistry is da BOMB!! He's gentle and kind, and the horses become putty in his hands - even with NO SEDATION!! I watched him work with Sky and Pearl (my standardbred and mini donkey), and Holley's two HUGE drafts this evening, and he's just amazing... Seriously, if your horse needs a float, get in touch with him!

Sean & Rachael have been fantastic to work with!! Sean has done 3 of my horses, and I can see a major difference in them. I had a horse who could barely eat because his teeth were so bad, this morning he inhaled his breakfast with ease. On top of that he was a total jerk about having his teeth done. Sean was super patient with him! He was great about explaining and showing everything going on in my horses mouth. Sean is one of the most knowledgeable dentists I have ever worked with. Rachael was wonderful about squeezing me into Seans busy schedule! I will continue to use McCarthy Equine Dentistry for my horses!

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Sean you are amazing! So glad to have found you and the boys all appreciate your hard work! Thank you so very much for accommodating us on short notice even with such a busy schedule and my referrals and future business will surely be for you.

Thanks again for floating all of our tribes teeth!!! And especially for taking the time with the kids!! Def means alot!

I just can't express my thanks to Sean today. My Toby doesn't trust too many humans. With alot of skill... Sean was able to get him completely done. It took some time, but Sean was patient and kind. He did fantastic with my new rescue Luc too! Educated me in the process as well!!! Thanks again McCarthy Dentistry... God bless!

Finally got to take Quiz out since his teeth were done. Totally different horse! No head tossing, no threats to buck, smooth transitions, and no head jerks when I touch his mouth. All in all he's my perfect sweet boy again, thank you.
This is from C.L.: 
 What a great learning experience I had yesterday with Sean
 He did 3 horses, 1 pony and 2 donkeys.
 He took time to show and teach me with every animal before and after he worked his magic!!
 I enjoyed him taking his time and respecting my animals, he even gave them time to rest!!
 I will have him back yearly to check everyone
 GREAT JOB!!!!!!
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