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Thank you for choosing McCarthy Equine Dentistry for your horse's dental needs. We are receiving up to 10 appointment requests per day through multiple channels and would like to create a central location, so no one gets missed. This page also offers a quick over view of fees, scheduling, and other pertinent information about your horse's visit. 


Routine Float 
This includes removing sharp points, establishing equilibration, and reducing malocclusions. There is no additional fees for removing ramps, waves, or adjusting incisors. We believe that should be included as part of any float. 

Horses within 75 miles of our farm in Berryville, Virginia $85/each for 1-2 horses or $75/each for 3 or more. NO farm call fee. 

Horses 76 or more from our farm in Berryville, Virginia $100/each for 1-2 horses or $90/each for 3 or more. NO farm call fee. 

Exam Fee - $20. This fee is charged on all horses not requiring a float. Older horses are often kept on a 6 month examination schedule, but do not require any actual work. This small fee covers travel time and gas for the appointment. NO farm call fee. 

For barns with 8 or more horses floated at the same time, additional discounts will be offered. 


- Payment is due at time of service. We do not offering billing under any circumstance.

- We DO NOT take checks, at all, without prior authorization. Sean serves such a large area that when clients bounce checks, it can be extremely difficult to get payment. If a check is the only option (such as with a 501c) prior authorization must be made for each visit. We charge a minimum of $50 for a bounce check and will no longer offer services to anyone that bounces a check.  

- We do take Pay Pal. There is no charge if payment is sent via Friends and Family. If payment is sent via their Services link, there will be a convenience fee of 3% for using this service.

- We do take Credit/Debit cards. There is a 3% convenience fee, which covers our our of pocket costs for using this service. 

- We do take cash and provide a receipt for cash payments for tax purposes. 

                                                              Sean charting at one of our clients in Florida. 
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We only schedule appointments via e-mail. Please include a valid email address!
By hitting submit, I agree I have read this entire page, including the fee schedule and payment information and I understand completely (unless a question is put in the comment section). 

You will receive an email within 72 hours. If it is taking longer than that, please check your Spam Folder. 

You MUST confirm with us the day and time of your appointment. If we do not hear back from you, you have not been added to Sean's schedule.
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